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A Brief Excursion

(Kratki izlet)
Croatia 2017. Dir: Igor Bezinović. 75 min. DCP

In Croatian filmmaker Igor Bezinović’s beguiling, surprising feature debut, a group of hard-partying young men and women attending a summer music festival in Istria embark on an excursion in the sweltering heat to find some medieval frescoes. As the day proceeds, and their numbers are reduced by attrition, the outing becomes an odd, allegorical, subtly mystical journey into the unknown. Or perhaps towards adulthood. The film is loosely based on Croatian modernist writer Antun Šoljan’s 1965 novel of the same name. “A wonderful story ... Deceptively clever ... A film that at first seems to be wending a trail between the bittersweet nostalgia of Stand by Me and the anthemic youthfulness of American Honey, before striking off into the woods of the less familiar, the more singular” (Jessica Kiang, The Playlist).