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Let the Sunshine In

(Un beau soleil intérieur)
France/Belgium 2017. Dir: Claire Denis. 94 min. DCP

Claire Denis takes on (and delightfully deconstructs) the romantic comedy in Let the Sunshine In, a film that ventures into a realm Hollywood cinema rarely cares to: middle-aged female desire. Delicately balancing humour and heartbreak, Denis’s singularly intelligent movie casts the ever-luminous Juliette Binoche as Isabelle, a Parisian artist and divorcée negotiating the emotional hazards of middle-aged dating. The men with whom she has assignations — including a married banker (French filmmaker Xavier Beauvois), a narcissistic actor (Nicolas Duvauchelle), and a working-class bad boy (Paul Blain) — are unworthy. A late scene featuring French screen legend Gérard Depardieu is an affecting highlight. Noted French novelist and playwright Christine Angot co-wrote the script. “What do women want? More movies as emotionally intelligent and fine-grained as this one, I suspect ... Let the Sunshine In might be the lightest, most charming divertissement of Denis’s career” (Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times).




"Exquisite ... A very simple story of an enormous complexity. It’s a romantic comedy and drama in which the questioning of those very categories is a part of the action."

New Yorker | full review

"An existential whirlwind even when it seems sitcom-flippant, Sunshine sees Denis continuing on an elevated cinematic plane."

Village Voice | full review