Cinema Vancouver: A community film screening and dialogue.

Presented by the Canadian Institute of Planners in association with The Cinematheque's Education Department

Aimed at community planners, historians, cinephiles, and city-lovers of all stripes, “Cinema Vancouver” is intended as both a visual treat for the senses and a unique opportunity for dialogue around film, community planning, and historical representations of the city. Held in conjunction with Infuse Vancouver 2013, the national conference of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), “Cinema Vancouver” will pay respect to the work of those who found value in turning their lenses upon the city and making Vancouver their subject. Using a series of short films and videos culled from local and national film archives and libraries, this screening will showcase some truly unique, and some seldom-seen, mid-20th-century representations of Vancouver.

The program will be introduced with a compilation of edited archival footage of Vancouver (Cinema Vancouverite| Vancouver Archives; compiled in 2013). We will then explore the city through its architectural patterns (City Patterns| CBC, 1962), re-visit notions of “blight” and “urban” renewal in the 1960s (To Build a Better City| NFB/CMHC/City of Vancouver, 1964), walk along Robson Street when it was the epicentre of German-Canadian culture (Robson Street Stories| CBC, 1964), and set out on a contemplative journey through the city set to the accompaniment of dynamic spoken word and folk music (City Song| CBC, 1961).

The film/video program will be followed by a Q&A with special guest speakers, who will reflect upon the films presented and conduct a dialogue about changing representations of the city; different approaches to community planning; and the role of film and video in helping shape a sense of place and history. Facilitated audience discussion will also be encouraged.

GUEST SPEAKERS: John Atkin, a Vancouver civic historian. Shirley Chan, who grew up in Strathcona in the 1960s and was instrumental in organizing the community to block t plans to demolish Strathcona and build a freeway system through Vancouver.

HOSTS/MODERATORS: Mark Pickersgill, an artist/filmmaker, community planner, musician, and project director at Adjacent Media. Diana Leung, a community artist/filmmaker, story-gatherer, cultural planner, and parent in Vancouver.

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Special Ticket Price $15
Cinematheque membership not required for this event.