The Friendly Giant + Degrassi Junior High

The Friendly Giant
Canada On Screen: Television

Canada 1958-1985.

FREE ADMISSION! | For decades, CBC’s The Friendly Giant, created by and starring Robert Homme, invited Canadian kiddies to “look up, waaay up” into the musical, magical, medieval world populated by Friendly, Rusty the rooster, and Jerome the giraffe. Its opening sequence — big, brown boot; miniature castle; lowered drawbridge; tiny fireside furniture, adjusted just for us — is practically etched in our collective consciousness. Warm, relaxed, and largely ad-libbed, the show endured — and endeared — by ne’er straying from a child-friendly 15-minute length and a small cast of familiar characters. Budget cuts resulted in the show’s cancellation in 1985, amid a public outcry. Long off-air and unavailable, TFG returns to the screen — a suitably giant-sized one! — in this program of fondly-remembered episodes.

"Animal Concert" (1961)
"British Folk Songs" (1972)
"Synthesizer Concert" (1985)

Running time: approx. 45 min.


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Degrassi Junior High
Canada On Screen: Television

Canada 1987-1989.

FREE SCREENING! | For a gaggle of backpack-strapped Canadian youth in the late 1980s, Degrassi Junior High was an obsessively-watched oddity: a middle-school soap opera, set and shot in no-frills Toronto, that didn’t trivialize or sugarcoat the travails of being a teen. During its celebrated three-season run on CBC (preceded by The Kids of Degrassi Street; succeeded by Degrassi High), the show tackled a myriad of thorny topics — racism, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, eating disorders — with startling maturity and real-world relatability. In honour of its 30th anniversary this year, we present a trio of fan-favourite episodes from the gen-defining series, including Emmy-winner “It’s Late.”

"Kiss Me, Steph" S01 E01 (1987)
"It's Late" S01 E11 (1987)
"He Ain't Heavy..." S03 E06 (1989)

Running time: approx. 84 min.


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