The Blob

USA 1958. Dir: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. 82 min. Blu-ray Disc

Presented in conjunction with Nerd Nite Vancouver and the Vancouver Aquarium

“It crawls… It creeps… It eats you alive!” A first-rate ‘50s drive-in flick and enduring cult classic, The Blob oozes with such schlocky, gross-out fun that it must be seen on a cinema screen! An outer-space invader of the Jell-O variety arrives in the sleepy town of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and begins consuming the slack-jawed residents, expanding as it eats. Steve McQueen, in his first top-billed role, is 28-year-old teenager Steve Andrews, resident rebel and lovers’-lane cruiser. When his early reports on the growing red glop get shrugged off, it's up to him and girlfriend Jane (Aneta Corsaut) to battle the blob. Shot on a miniscule budget by an indie director best known for educational one-reelers, this B-movie blast features smart, no-budget effects, ham-it-up acting, and an infection Burt Bacharach jingle — a radio hit! — as its theme song.



Before the film, Nerd Nite Vancouver will preview its upcoming event on that other Blob, a mysterious mass of warm water wreaking havoc on the Pacific Ocean. Nerd Nite v.20 will occur at the Vancouver Aquarium on May 24.

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