Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

USA 2010. Dir: Edgar Wright. 112 min. DCP

Genre-flipping English filmmaker Edgar Wright’s fun, frenetic, full-tilt comic-book movie is not technically a card-carrying Canadian film, but it might as well be! Set and shot all over Toronto, based on a series of cult graphic novels by London, Ontario’s Bryan Lee O'Malley, and featuring Brampton-born man-boy Michael Cera in the title role — to say nothing of its Metric and Broken Social Scene songs! — Scott Pilgrim is the rare American production that parades its Canadian connections. The movie, a pyrotechnic mash-up of golden-age Nintendo aesthetics, anime action, and arcade-style level upping, pits slacker band-bassist Scott Pilgrim against a legion of his new girlfriend’s ticked-off ex-boyfriends. (Jason Schwartzman is especially slimy as the final boss, a corporate record exec.) Rounding out the cast are pre-breakout stars Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Evans. “A delightful package of cinematic Pop Rocks” (Dana Stevens, Slate).


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“Witty and stylish … This is an entertaining and distinctive display of technique, an exhilarating demonstration of film-making IQ.”

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NYT Critic’s Pick | “The best video game movie ever … You’ve never seen anything like it before.”

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