Galaxy Quest

USA 1999. Dir: Dean Parisot. 102 min. 35mm

ALL AGES WELCOME! ► The endlessly watchable, scene-snatching British actor Alan Rickman passed away in January. In memoriam, we present one of Rickman’s most delectably deadpan turns, in director Dean Parisot’s cult-status comedy — an elbow-nudging, sci-fi send-up with Star Trek, and its fervent fandom, in its sights. Once television royalty, the cast of long-cancelled space-adventure series “Galaxy Quest” are now fan-convention fodder, with only Commander Peter Quincy Taggart/actor Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) still relishing the attention. When a quartet of diehard devotees invite the “crew” aboard their spaceship — an exact replica of the show’s — the washed-up thespians find themselves thrust into a real-life (and off script!) interplanetary war, recruited by aliens who believe the episodic TV space soap to be an historical documentary. Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub, and Sam Rockwell round out the cast — but it’s Rickman as the apathetic Alexander Dane, forever tied to his Spock-spoofed character, who radiates.



Get a crash course in the history of sci-fi on the small screen with a short pre-show presentation by our Education Department! Explore how our changing world gave rise to one of TV’s most successful genres, and how these pioneering programs continue to shape the techno-savvy world of today — both offscreen and on.

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"A fast, loose, and very funny parody that pulls off the not-so-simple feat of tweaking Trekkies and honoring them, ribbing long-in-the-tooth actors and applauding them."

Entertainment Weekly | full review

"Fast, light and funny, Galaxy Quest has a wide, generation-spanning appeal — and you don't have to be a die-hard Trekkie to enjoy it."

LA Times | full review