Cinema Sunday

ALL AGES WELCOME | Cinema Sunday is an afternoon film program for children and their families.

In celebration of Canada’s big 150 (or sesquicentennial), Cinema Sunday patriotically presents “Made in Canada,” a yearlong engagement with family films hailing from the True North! Each month, we’ll screen an all-ages movie that showcases Canada’s extraordinary, diverse talents — both in front of and behind the camera — as well as the cities, landscapes, and cultures that make this country our home.

Films will be introduced by Vancouver film history teacher and critic Michael van den Bos.


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Current Showings

Recent Screenings

The hair-raising Canadian comedy that creeped out a generation enjoys almost legendary status among those who saw it growing up.
FREE! André Mélançon's holiday classic is one of Canada’s most cherished children’s films.
Sci-Fi Cinema Sunday concludes with Tim Burton’s giddy, goofy, madcap spoof on sci-fi’s B-movie pedigree and appetite for mass destruction.
Join director John Badham in person for a screening of his superb ’80s cyber-thriller, one of the best of the decade’s computer-centric films.
Sci-Fi Cinema Sunday cranks up the creepy this Halloween season with Universal’s 1931 adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic novel.
This top-tier work of sci-fi cinema was conceived by the late Stanley Kubrick but realized by New Hollywood alumnus Steven Spielberg.
Adored Japanese auteur Hayao Miyazaki’s remarkable second feature, set in a devastated future world, may be his masterpiece.
Newly remastered with two additional scenes, the instant-classic debut feature from whiz director Brad Bird returns!
Shakespeare meets Astounding Stories and The Tempest becomes interstellar movie magic in one of the finest science-fiction films of the 1950s.
A first-rate ‘50s drive-in flick and cult classic, The Blob oozes with such schlocky, gross-out fun that it must be seen on a cinema screen!
ALL AGES! The late, loved sci-fi stalwart Leonard Nimoy co-conceived and directed the most flat-out enjoyable film in the stardating saga.