Cinema Sunday

ALL AGES WELCOME! Cinema Sunday is an afternoon film program for children and their families.

In celebration of Canada’s big 150 (or sesquicentennial), Cinema Sunday patriotically presents “Made in Canada,” a yearlong engagement with family films hailing from the True North! Each month, we’ll screen an all-ages movie that showcases Canada’s extraordinary, diverse talents — both in front of and behind the camera — as well as the cities, landscapes, and cultures that make this country our home.

Films will be introduced by Vancouver film history teacher and critic Michael van den Bos.


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Current Showings

FREE! Claude Jutra’s evocative coming-of-age tale, set during Christmas in a remote Quebec mining community in the 1940s, is a national treasure.

Recent Screenings

FREE! A Canada on Screen media-literacy workshop presented by The Cinematheque’s Education and Outreach Department.
DIRECTORS IN ATTENDANCE! The remarkable tale of an orphaned orca who befriends a seaside community off the coast of Vancouver Island.
Genre-flipping English filmmaker Edgar Wright’s full-tilt comic-book movie is not technically a card-carrying Canadian film, but it might as well be!
SNL-era Bill Murray is an irreverent head counsellor at a bottom-barrel summer camp in Ivan Reitman's teen comedy classic.
FREE! Two of CBC's most beloved television shows — one for tots, one for teens — are showcased in this Canada on Screen program.
To celebrate Kaj Pindal’s 90th birthday this year (Happy Birthday, Kaj!), we present a select retrospective of the animator’s eclectic work.
We’re honoured to have the great Marv Newland join us for an afternoon devoted to his work, featuring a selection of hand-picked films.
FREE! CBC’s fan-adored miniseries, an adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Victorian-set novel, is one of Canadian television's perennial works.
Megan Follows laced up her skates for this fondly-remembered ‘80s television movie, now the recipient of a 4K digital restoration.
The hair-raising Canadian comedy that creeped out a generation enjoys almost legendary status among those who saw it growing up.