Chan Centre Connects: Anda Union - From the Steppes to the City

Great Britain 2011. Dirs: Marc Tiley, Tim Pearce, Sophie Lascelles. 97 min.

Presented by The Chan Centre Connects Series and The Cinematheque

Inner Mongolia is a distant province on the furthest edges of China, home to more than six million ethnic Mongolians and a traditional, nomadic way of life. This documentary provides rare insight into this forgotten land as it follows Anda Union, a ten-strong group of young and inspiring Inner Mongolian musicians, on a 10,000-km journey through their homeland. The music of Anda Union combines throat singing and long song with horsehead fiddles and two stringed lutes, bringing the powerful, hauntingly-beautiful ancient music of Inner Mongolia to life as never heard before. The film celebrates the group’s passion for their music and people, and also develops the personal stories of each group member as they encounter childhood friends, long-lost family members, proud nomads, devoted priests, and extravagant musicians, and continue to learn more about the rich and turbulent roots of Mongolian culture in China. (adapted from official synopsis).

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This special screening of Anda Union: From the Steppes to the City is presented in conjunction with the performance of Anda Union at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts on Sunday, March 26 at 8:00 pm.

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