Canada’s Top Ten Shorts 2016 - Program II

Mariner ● Mariner is a taut and unsettling drama about an ambitious marine navigation cadet on the verge of cracking during his final exams. The recruit is haunted by an incident from his past—and fights to find a way to turn his personal demons into a source of strength. Thyrone Tommy/ON. 20 min.

In this richly layered stop-motion animation, written and narrated by award-winning author Joseph Boyden, Annie and Gordon travel through a portal in time to help two children escape the horrors of residential school. Terril Calder/ON-MB. 15 min.

Mutants ●
A teenager just trying to make it through the summer of 1996, Keven begins his baseball season with an accident that leaves him with a truly hideous black eye. This leads to a crash course in sex, sports, and scandal—taught by a hilariously unconventional coach—that demolishes coming-of-age story conventions. Alexandre Dostie/QC. 16 min.

Fish ●
In this devastating portrait from Nova Scotia filmmaker Heather Young, a woman struggles with raising her three infant children while still clinging to a fading relationship. Heather Young/NS-NB. 11 min.

A Funeral for Lightning ●
Seven months pregnant and stuck in a sleepy corner of Tennessee, a young woman begins to see through the promises made by her charismatic husband. Every moment of Emily Kai Bock’s quietly wrenching film is infused with emotions both light and dark. Emily Kai Bock/BC. 25 min.


Single-bill admission price in effect for Canada’s Top Ten Shorts. See one or both programs for the applicable single-bill price: $11 Adults / $9 Students & Seniors