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Les Ordres (Orders)

Canada On Screen: Feature Films
Canada 1974. Dir: Michel Brault. 107 min. 35mm

FREE SCREENING | Michel Brault’s second fiction feature, a Kafkaesque political drama examining a dark chapter of our modern history, is one of Canadian cinema’s great works. Following the imposition of the War Measures Act during the October Crisis of 1970, five innocent people are arrested, held without charge, and subject to various humiliations. Les Ordres was based on the actual experiences of many of the 450 Quebecers detained at the time. Brault, one of Canada's finest cinematographers and foremost practitioners of cinéma direct, here mixes fiction and documentary techniques to create a film of urgency. He has his actors introduce themselves and their characters, and then intersperses “interviews” with those characters throughout the drama. The result is a harrowing account of liberal democracy gone askew. Les Ordres is the only Canadian film ever to win the Best Director prize at Cannes. It also won Canadian Film Awards for Best Feature, Director, and Screenplay. Print courtesy Cinémathèque québécoise.

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Rat Life and Diet in North America
Canada On Screen: Experimental Film and Video

Canada 1968. Dir: Joyce Wieland. 16 min. 16mm

FREE SCREENING | Canadian rats held as political prisoners by American cats make an heroic escape in Joyce Wieland’s playful, highly political short, a classic of avant-garde cinema and an ironic parable, rendered with structuralist touches, of rebellion and resistance.

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