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Sweden/Denmark/Norway 2003. Dir: Ingmar Bergman. 108 min. Digibeta

Bergman’s farewell film — the only movie he made as an octogenarian — reveals no diminishment of his formidable powers. A searing work in the director’s minimalist, chamber-drama mode, Saraband has Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson reprising their roles from 1974’s Scenes from a Marriage, Bergman’s shattering analysis of a failed relationship. It is now three decades on, and Marianne and Johan, long divorced, have had no contact in years. When Marianne impulsively decides to visit her ex-husband at his summer house, she is drawn into a fierce family crisis engulfing Johan, his son Henrik (Börje Ahlstedt), and Henrik’s daughter Karin (Julia Dufvenius). Saraband unfolds in ten discrete episodes, each an emotionally lacerating duet between two of the characters. It was shot and (at Bergman’s insistence) released on digital video, a then-rare format that limited its theatrical circulation. “One of the great valedictory works” (Richard Brody, The New Yorker).

Please note: This digital video presentation is in 4:3 letterbox format.



"A commandingly restrained final composition and — as the theme of classical musicianship suggests — very much an affair of close attention to the nuances of performance."

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Bergman “Marianne and Johan” Marathon!
Scenes from a Marriage + Saraband
Sunday, October 21

The complete, original version of Bergman’s intimate epic of matrimony followed by its three-decades-later follow-up.

There is a 15-minute intermission scheduled between Parts III & IV of Scenes from a Marriage and an interval of approximately 45 minutes between the end of Scenes and the start of Saraband.

Triple Bill Price in effect for marathon: $24 Adults / $22 Students & Seniors

Regular single (for Saraband) and double bill (for Scenes from a Marriage) prices otherwise in effect. Annual $3 membership required.