All That Jazz

USA 1979. Dir: Bob Fosse. 123 min. DCP


8:40pm - All That Jazz | Introduced by Michael van den Bos

Bob Fosse’s Fellini-inspired phantasmagoria is now routinely cited as one of cinema’s great musicals and remains a major-studio release of unusual daring and invention. Roy Scheider, in perhaps his greatest movie role, is libidinous Joe Gideon, a Fosse-like Broadway choreography and filmmaker whose hard-working, hard-living ways lead to cardiac arrest (and graphic open-heart surgery), encounters with an angel of death (played by Jessica Lange), and some of the most spectacular (and hallucinatory) song-and-dance sequences ever committed to the screen. Memorable musical numbers include “On Broadway,” “Take Off with Us,” and “Bye Bye Life.” The film was chastised by some for being morbid, self-indulgent, and sourly self-loathing. Photographed by Fellini regular Giuseppe Rutonno, Fosse’s audacious, blackly-comic marvel won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and was nominated for nine Oscars (winning four).

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Michael van den Bos is a Vancouver cinema scholar, film history teacher, critic,  and classic film host. Since 1997, Michael has taught a variety of film theory and cinema history courses, including at the Vancouver Film School and the former Pacific Audio Visual Institute. For 22 years, Michael worked in the Vancouver animation industry, significantly as a producer of animated TV programming and short films. Currently he teaches animation history at Capilano University in North Vancouver. Michael is the program consultant and host of The Cinematheque’s Cinema Sunday series. Since 2015, Michael curates and hosts popular movie clip show presentations at the VIFF Vancity Theatre.



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