The Mandate of the Pacific Cinémathèque Pacifique Society is:

  1. To provide public access to films which have made a significant contribution to the history and/or current practice of cinema locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through screenings and curated programming.

  2. To fulfill an educational role in British Columbia and Vancouver through: 

    a) Maintenance of an up-to-date library for members and researchers;
    b) Maintenance of a moving image archive housing works by western Canadian independent producers and works reflecting regional social, political and cultural concerns;
    c) Provision of educational programming and  provincial film tours
    d) Provision of information on programming through brochures and publications.

  3. To promote and encourage film and filmmakers at all levels of programming.

  4. To co-programme with arts, multicultural and special interest groups in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada in the interest of community service and the advancement of cinema.