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2001: A Space Odyssey

Great Britain 1968. Dir: Stanley Kubrick. 149 min. DCP

NEW RESTORATION! Kubrick’s stately, soaring cosmic epic, a landmark of 1960s cinema, is now regularly cited as one of the truly great films. Its speculative history of humanity and technology begins with the very origins of our species. In a brilliant example of associative editing, it then bridges millions of years of human development with a single, sensational cut, leaping ahead to our space-faring future. The year is 1999, and the discovery of a mysterious object on the Moon leads, eighteen months later, to a manned mission to Jupiter — and a beyond-the-infinite rendezvous with evolutionary destiny. The film’s most human character is, ironically, a deeply flawed computer named HAL. The visionary production design remains a marvel to behold. Described, wryly, as a “shaggy God story” and promoted, cannily, as “the ultimate trip,” Kubrick’s awe-inspiring, psychedelic-infused opus is a cinematic experience like no other.

The film will be presented in the 2018 50th Anniversary 4K restoration, with original 1968 6-track theatrical audio mix.

The 149-minute running time includes opening musical overture, entr'acte music, and exit music. In addition, there will be a 10-minute intermission.




"It is an extraordinary, obsessive, beautiful work of art."

Chicago Tribune | full review

"The film creates its effects essentially out of visuals and music. It is meditative. It does not cater to us, but wants to inspire us, enlarge us."

Roger Ebert | full review